What If?

Wouldn’t it be a sight behold! Yes it would! Just image if we as Christians, followers of Christ, adopted sons of the Living and Most Powerful Being in the Universe, heirs to the Kingdom of God, who are redeem by the precious Blood of the Lamb, and born into the Family of God just for once actually believed and live the things we know and confess as Christians.



First of all, what if we had true faith. Paul says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. But, what does that mean. It means you hold in you hand as if it were a real object those things that you ask God for and know and accept as having already received the requests from God without any proof.


Many Christians profess to have strong faith. Yet, I hear many of them asking God over and over for the same thing. My question is at what point do they actually have faith and believe that God has answered their prayer? If they believe that God loves them and cares for them as their Heavenly Father, why don’t they simply ask and accept that God has granted their request?


To me, faith is best illustrated by mailing a letter. We go to the mailbox, drop in a letter and go on our way. We do not worry every second whether the letter will be delivered. We do not call the Post Office every day to inquire about the letter we sent. No, we take it for granted that the letter we mailed will arrive. Yet, we ask God for something, and we have so much confidence in Him that we keep asking over and over. Some people even worry themselves sick waiting for God to answer that prayer. At what point will we have the same trust and confidence in God our Father as we do the postman?



Second, when will we as Christians get to the point where their hope that they have in the promises of the Lord is manifested in their actions and attitudes. Christians should be the happiest people on Earth. Their joy is the Lord. They have an awesome eternity awaiting them and constant access to the Most High God. Life’s trouble should not defeat us. Life’s burdens should not load us down so that we worry and complain. Paul said, I count all things lost for Christ.


When a Christian dies, they immediately go into the presence of their Heavenly Father. People who have gone to heaven during periods of death and have returned to Earth have all said that it is glorious and that they did not want to come back. The Bible says we as Christians are to rejoice in the death of someone who is saved and has the promise of the Lord. Paul says that we should not be as those who have no hope. There should be a difference in our outlook. If you really believe in your inheritance from God, it would be something that you would look forward to and not dread. Remember, nothing compares to the promises we have in our Lord Jesus Christ.



Finally, we should love. Our hallmark as Christians should be our love. Jesus said that the greatest commandment for us was that we love God with all our hearts and the second one was to love each other as ourselves. Boy is that a hard one.