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Why Kenya

Kenya has a shockingly large number of HIV/AIDS victims.  Many mothers and fathers leave their young ones with neighbors or grandparents. This causes a heavy burden on the caretakers because of their limited ability to care for an additional child. More than 1000 people die daily due to HIV/AIDS in Kenya, this doesn’t include the number of deaths caused by Malaria, accidents, tribal (ethnic) wars and other diseases. Statistically, the number of orphans is growing, in Kenya, and Africa as a whole.

Several things can happen to children when their parents die from HIV and AIDS- related causes. It is very common, in many Kenyan streets and villages, to find these destitute children along the highways and on the street corners desperately begging for a shilling.  Some live at the municipal town garbage bins where they scavenge for any remains of scraps of food.  Others will be found sniffing glue, as a way to kill hunger pains.  Many of the young girls start prostitution at a very early age, as young as 10 years old, to seek a living. Other street children turn into pick-pockets and thieves.

Kenya currently has over 3 million Orphans.

In 2010, Pastor Ismael Wagonga invited Pastor Wallace to come to visit Emmanuel Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. During the time he spent visiting his orphanage he saw many orphans lying in the street and eating out of trash cans. According to Pastor Wallace before this time, I never saw the great need for orphanages. There are over one million orphans in Kenya. There are over 20,000 orphans in Nakuru, Kenya mainly because of AIDS. There are many needs in the world, and we must go and do our part where we are called. God started working on my heart while I was in Kenya and he confirmed it that this region was where he wanted my family and I to go and ministry to the Orphans of Kenya.