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Our vision for Kenya

Eight years ago Rev. Wesley Wallis went to Nakuru, Kenya to work with some of the millions of orphans of Kenya.  There was a large contrast between the healthy, happy children in the orphanage and the large numbers of desperate, needy children living and dying on the streets. The need was so overwhelming and he was able to make very little impact on the overwhelming needs of the orphans/needy children living in the streets.

God spoke to Pastor Wallis while he was in Kenya.  Each night he would go to sleep crying and thinking about the sad, needy children that he had seen throughout the day while he was in Kenya.  After returning to North Carolina, he could not get the needy children out of his head and heart.  After a 21 day fast, relentless prayers, and countless conversations with his wife, Cindy, he answered the call to go to Kenya and help the needy children of Kenya.